Posted by: Project MicroMundo | October 21, 2010

Breaking Ground

Estefani, Carla, Gloria and Hirson at the Mayan Families office yesterday

I know we said it yesterday, but let me say it again—thank you for all your help in building Caterina’s house!  Between the readers of MicroMundo and some regular Mayan Families supporters (who read Caterina’s story reposted on the Mayan Families blog), the donations flowed in, and before we knew it the final tally had reached $2465!

The early stages of construction have begun!

Obviously, we have well exceeded our goal of $750.  $750 would have built a safe but very simple home—enough to get Caterina and her family out of a bad situation and keep them off the street, but nothing more.  Thanks to your incredible generosity, Juan (the construction manager) will be able to give Caterina and her kids a kitchen, some furniture, a water filter and a fuel efficient Onil stove. An Onil stove is 70% more efficient than a traditional open wood stove, so it cuts fuel costs, giving Caterina the opportunity to put more of her income towards feeding and educating her kids.  Just as importantly, Onil stoves don’t emit nearly as much of the thick black smoke that often pours off of open fires, and that means healthier lungs for Carla, Hirson, Estefani and Gloria.

Materials ready to go at the construction site

Construction has already begun—the building materials have been purchased and moved to the site (not easy when it isn’t accessible by car or truck), and Juan and his crew are mixing the concrete for the floor as we speak.  We’ll continue to document the progress, and by the weekend you should see pictures of a finished, inhabited house!

Carla and Gloria on the swings at the Mayan Families office

Note to Donors: If there is money left over after setting up Caterina’s new home, we’ll talk to individuals about redirecting their gifts towards other urgent projects.  If you don’t hear from us, your money went directly towards Caterina’s house—thank you again!


  1. this is amazing. you guys are amazing.

  2. God Bless all of you who helped these wonderful people.

  3. I feel so relieved that they got a house. Please let me know if you need any other specific donations!

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