Posted by: Project MicroMundo | November 8, 2010

Urgent: Elyda’s Condition Severely Worsened

Elyda’s (from our last post)  medical condition has deteriorated significantly since our last post. She was sent home from the hospital last week because she could no longer pay to stay. She has been at home in bed, with three tubes draining wastes out of her abdomen, trying to recover from the botched surgery that took the life of her unborn child and left her organs leaking bile. Her husband, Marco, has been by her side the whole time, but this morning he came to Mayan Families with some bad news: Elyda has taken a turn for the worse–she has a severe infection that has most likely spread to her intestines and she needs to get to a doctor right away.  Unfortunately, the last several weeks have completely wiped out Marco’s savings (and more–he has taken on nearly Q40,000 in debt to pay for her care), and he can’t afford to get her back to the hospital.

This morning, we went with the paramedics to transport Elyda to the private medical clinic in Panajachel. The doctors examined her infections, gave her a blood test, and are beginning her on antibiotics. Unfortunately, her case has deteriorated to such a severe state that the doctors fear for her life, and believe that the best recourse now will be intensive care. But the closest intensive care unit is in Guatemala City — and the public hospital there turned her away only a few weeks ago. The family isn’t sure what to do — they fear transporting her, and have already maxed out their expenses to cover her first round of treatments.

We are fundraising today to get Elyda the treatment she needs, either here in Pana or at an ICU (public or private) in Guatemala City. Any contribution goes a long way in helping this family. To make a donation to Elyda’s recovery, click here, scroll down to the Family Aid box and enter in your donation, then enter in FA45 in the “Family Name” box. Thank you, and stay tuned for updates on Elyda’s condition.


  1. This morning I sent $100 for Elyda’s care. She is in my prayers. I hope she can get the care she needs. Love, Oma

  2. Hi Jess

    Just sent $100.00 For Elyda.
    God bless you all for your hard work.

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