About Us

We’ve been inseparable friends and roommates for six years. Though our backgrounds are very different, we all share a commitment to public service and a determination to learn more about the world.


Ronnie Brodsky is currently a graduate student at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government (HKS) and the Harvard Business School, pursuing a Master of Public Administration in International Development (MPA-ID) and Master in Business Administration (MBA) joint degree. She is a David M. Rubinstein Fellow as well as a David and Mary Boies Fellow, and was offered the HKS Dean’s Fellowship. Prior to her studies, Ronnie worked for Summit Consulting, LLC, advising policymakers across seven US federal agencies on financial regulation and major governmental loan guarantee programs for veterans, small businesses, and low-income families. She was also a professional dancer, performing and teaching in Israel, Turkey, India, and the USA as a soloist and company member. Ronnie graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Maryland (UMD) with a degree in economics and a minor in statistics. She is the recipient of the 2010 Dillard Award, presented at UMD to the most outstanding graduating economics major in a class of almost 400. She speaks English, French, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish.


Jessica Smith graduated magna cum laude with a degree in marketing and a minor in Spanish language, business and cultures.  She is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She currently works as part of the Analytics team at MarketBridge, a marketing consulting firm located in Bethesda, MD. In addition, she teaches a weekly adult ESL class through Language ETC, a non-profit group which provides English and literacy training to adult immigrants in the D.C. area.


StephanieStephanie Wolf graduated magna cum laude with a degree in English and a minor in rhetoric.  She received the 2010 Joyce Tayloe Horrell Award, given to the most academically distinguished graduating English major.  Stephanie has ridden horses for most of her life, and competed throughout high school and college.  She has accumulated classroom experience as a teaching assistant at UMD and as a Kaplan SAT prep instructor.  She served as the Chair of the University’s Student Honor Council and is completing her first year of law school at George Washington University.




  1. I would like to get updates! very cool!

    • Hi Gallya and Shana tova! I hope all’s well🙂. Sorry for the late response… The easiest way to get updates is by subscribing to our blog so that you can get email notifications when we put up new posts. You can do so through the homepage (see the top right of the screen). Kol tov!

  2. Very good idea and great cause..
    Brava, todas

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