Funds Raised

Welcome to our fundraising page, where we’ll be tracking the donations we’ve raised.  Thank you so much to everyone who has already donated – be sure to check back to see our progress and the projects the money is going to help!

Totals as of 12/15/2010 –  $19,902 in one time donations, and $650/month in ongoing sponsorships!

Family Aid Program: $12,803.50, and $340/month in sponsorships

Elderly Care Program: $3,782.50, and $45/month in sponsorships

  • $1230in general donations; $10 in general monthly support; $35 for a tamale basket for an anciano
  • $37.50 towards Fransisco Sahón‘s glasses
  • $630 for Fransisca Chiquirin: 12 months’ rent ($192), 12 months’ pain medicines ($198), 5 months of incaparina – a fortified starch food ($100), a bed ($75), a tamale basket ($35), and $30 more in food
  • $595 for Juliana Tun Xicajay: 8 months’ lunch program sponsorship ($480), a water filter ($50), a single mattress ($30), and a tamale basket ($35)
  • $320 for Tereso Cojón‘s new bed, mattress, and 6 months of medication
  • $170 for a new bed and mattress for Victor Archila
  • $655 in one time donations, $35/month, and pledges for at least 10 more months of rent towards Pedro’s New Room: the equivalent of at least 21 months’ rent, as well as a fully-furnished room (bed, mattress, blankets, pillow, table, chair, armoire–worth $305) and a water filter ($50)
  • $110 for a private doctor’s visit and a holiday tamale basket for Esther
  • $100 for medical care for Manuel

Student Sponsorships: $800, and $265/month

  • 8 elementary sponsorships (one for Elyda’s son) and 3 diversificado (high school) sponsorships through Mayan Families
  • 2 full 1-year diversificado scholarships to Volunteer Peten’s School of Natural Resource Management
  • $100 towards the Belly Dance Program in San Andres

Mayan Families General Medical Funds: $400

Funds to be Assigned (proceeds from pre-departure fundraising efforts):  $1000

NOTE: Many of these donations have come from readers of, but we’ve been conducting broader fundraising campaigns for the Family Aid and Elderly Care programs since arriving at Mayan Families.  Because of the way blogs work–one post can be re-posted in several places–it’s difficult to separate out what came from where, so we aren’t going to try.  These totals include any money that’s come in as a result of our posts, regardless of whose readers it came from.  Other blogs that have contributed to these efforts include Sharon’s Blog (Sharon is a director of Mayan Families), Mayan Families Connection, and the Family Aid and Elderly Care blogs.


  1. This is great news. All of you – Steph, Ronnie, and Jess – should be very proud of the difference you have made. We are sure proud of of the 3 of YOU!
    Eileen Smith

  2. You have done an amazing job!


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