How to Participate

For Mayan Families Holiday Cards, a great gift idea that helps those in need while spreading holiday spirit, see our latest post.

To read about and help a family with urgent need, please visit our Family Aid Blog.

To read about and help an elderly person in need, please visit our Elderly Care Program Blog.

Check our Fundraising Page to see what other current projects you can help us with!

For the individual reader:

Throughout our travels, we’ll let you know when we find people who could use your help. By subscribing to our blog (on the right side of this page), you can stay updated on ways to get involved.  Your ideas, donations, and help getting the word out can all make a big difference.

For classes and other groups:

1) Use the blog as a resource. We hope that our work can serve as a starting point for class discussions about the people and culture of Central America, and, depending on the grade level, discussion of global poverty, health issues, education, human rights, and international relations.  We welcome suggestions from teachers about what topics you’d like us to address.

2) Organize a fundraiser for a nonprofit in Central America. During our trip, we will partner with a number of nonprofit organizations on specific fundraising projects.  In keeping with our focus on fostering intercultural connections, we will select grassroots projects that directly address community concerns.  Through the blog and other media, we will provide in-depth descriptions of the existing circumstances, explain how the fundraising project will improve those circumstances, and introduce some of the individuals affected.  We will set a fundraising goal based on the needs of the project, and classes are encouraged to be creative in thinking of ways to raise money.  Our blog will show the results of your contributions by explaining how the project has made a difference in people’s lives.  All donations will be made directly to the relevant 501(c)(3) organizations.

3)  Participate in a letter (or email) exchange. This may be particularly useful for Spanish classes, but we will work with classes that wish to write in English as well.  Where infrastructure allows, we plan to match participating American students with students in Central America for an exchange of letters or emails.  Students can write letters individually or as a class.  We can provide suggestions about what to include, or teachers can tailor the content to their curricula.  Our hope is that teachers on both ends will find these exchanges useful enough to continue in subsequent years.

To use the blog as a resource, just sign up for an email subscription (on the right side of this page), and you’ll be notified when there is a new blog entry.  If you are interested in fundraising or participating in a letter exchange, please contact us at projectmicromundo[at]gmail[dot]com so that we can talk about the details.


  1. You three are amazing and inspiring!!!

  2. I’m proud of all of you! Miss you wonderful people!

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